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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

Ramsalt Lab: The Liberian Observer in West Africa runs on Drupal and Thunder

20 Apr 2022

The Liberian Observer in West Africa runs on Drupal and Thunder 20.04.2022 The Liberian Observer is Liberia's first independent daily newspaper that envisions expanding into new markets...

Specbee: Why Is Drupal a Key To Success For Enterprise Web Development

20 Apr 2022

Why Is Drupal a Key To Success For Enterprise Web Development Shri Ganesh Hegde 20 Apr, 2022 Do you know how much enterprises spend on their websites annually? What makes their enterprise...

ImageX: Easy Out of the Box: How Drupal is Getting Even More User-Friendly

19 Apr 2022

There is no doubt Drupal is an incredibly powerful content management system that allows developers to build awesome things. However, this power has a downside. Is Drupal easy enough and intuitively understandable for non-technical users in their work with the administrative interface? It looks... Drupal 10: Uncovering New Features and Benefits

19 Apr 2022

Drupal 10 continues to pave the way for great user experiences into the future. Check out the new features and benefits that Drupal 10 has to offer!

Brian Perry: Decoupled Menus (and Beyond) at DrupalCon Portland

19 Apr 2022

DrupalCon Portland is almost here! Getting back to an in-person DrupalCon will take some getting used to, but I'm especially excited for the ability to collaborate face-to-face during contribution events throughout the week. There is quite a bit going on in the world of Decoupled Drupal - here are...

Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #343 - Marketing Automation with Mautic

18 Apr 2022

Today we are talking about Marketing Automation with Mautic with Ruth Cheesley. Topics What is Marketing Automation What is Mautic How does Mautic work Is Mautic free Similarities between Drupal and Mautic Mautic and Acquia How Mautic works with Drupal What Mautic can...

Centarro: See you at DrupalCon Portland 2022!

18 Apr 2022

It's been three looong years since the Drupal community gathered in Seattle (and two and a half since Amsterdam). DrupalCon Portland is the reunion we've been waiting for, and we can't wait to get there and share. Virtual events are nice for keeping tabs on what your peers are doing, but nothing...

The Drop Times: Here Are Some Cool Drupal Contrib-Modules, Check Out!

18 Apr 2022

"What are some lesser known Drupal contributed modules that are super useful," asked Gábor Hojtsy on Twitter. We list some of the answers found on his thread that created an interest among Drupalists.

#! code: Drupal 9: Loading Options From An Option Field

17 Apr 2022

I was recently working on a Drupal form where I needed a user to select from a list of options that were available in a field attached to an entity. As the entity itself didn't exist when the user was filling in the form I needed a way of finding out the options that could be applied to the field...