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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

Kalamuna Blog: Accessibility Challenges in an Emergency (Web Design for Disaster Part 3)

31 Aug 2020

Accessibility Challenges in an Emergency (Web Design for Disaster Part 3) Mike McCaffrey Mon, 08/31/2020 - 10:48 During a natural disaster or other public emergency, conditions may change dramatically for your users, inflicting a wide variety of new physical,...

Chapter Three: Drupal 8 How To: Extending a webform remote post handler

31 Aug 2020

What We're Doing Here: Webforms and Third Party Integration In Drupal 8, the Webform module can do a lot out of the box. It can do even more with the multitude of its contributed modules. But every now and then a situation arises where you need to get into the guts of create some custom webform...

Kristen Pol: My Drupal issue queue RTBC cheat sheet

29 Aug 2020

Image credit: Aaron Deutsch In the last few months, I've been doing a lot of Drupal core contributions and, even though I've done plenty of contributions over the years, I've recently learned some new things when reviewing issues. I've made this cheat sheet for anyone who wants to help review...

Debug Academy: I Already Have an Engineering Degree, so Why Study Drupal?

28 Aug 2020

I Already Have an Engineering Degree, so Why Study Drupal? An Engineer’s Pivot into Web Development   Where it All Began Like many, I struggled with what to study in college. I enjoyed math, science, and logic puzzles and craved working with new technologies. I wanted the skills to...

Evolving Web: Ultimate Guide to Agile Git Branching Workflows in Drupal

28 Aug 2020

Much has been written on the theory and practice of agile (or Agile, if you prefer—the debate is real) including books, blog posts, and formal training. What this guide aims to cover in depth is how to apply that theory to branch management in git, specifically for those working with Drupal 7... Blog: Achieving a healthy work-life balance at a digital agency

28 Aug 2020

In this article, we’ll take a look at some tips for achieving better work-life balance when working at a digital agency, from the perspective of both employee and leader, as well as the main benefits of a healthy work-life balance. READ MORE

Droptica: What's New in Droopler 2.1 - Drupal Commerce

28 Aug 2020

On July 13, we released another version of the Droopler distribution. In version 2.1, we focused on the functionality needed by many companies nowadays – we have added e-commerce. Check out what exactly the new version of Droopler – one of the most popular Drupal...

Oliver Davies: Creating a custom PHPUnit command for DDEV

28 Aug 2020

Creating a custom PHPUnit command for DDEV opdavies 28th August 2020 To begin with, let's create an empty file for our command: touch .ddev/commands/web/phpunit Commands are located within the .ddev/commands directory, with a sub-directory for the container name in which the command...

Eelke Blok: Proposal: Modernise the Drupal update framework

27 Aug 2020

The current Drupal update framework (roughly: hook_update_N) is quite old. It is still firmly rooted in the procedural origins of Drupal. Also, it has several shortcomings. Some of those shortcomings were addressed in the new(ish) hook_post_update mechanism, but that does not replace the old system...

OpenSense Labs: The case for communication between designer and developer

27 Aug 2020

The case for communication between designer and developer Shalini Rawat Thu, 08/27/2020 - 17:33 ‘’Designers will always need developers, and developers will always need designers. Only if both areas are filled with ego-less people, we can create astonishing products or websites...