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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

Tag1 Consulting: Has app development become too complex?

8 Nov 2021

Over time, development has gotten more complex in some ways, and less in others. As technology develops, some of the requirements for coding that had been necessary in the past has shifted to a need to understand tooling. While changing some parts of a website have become easy due to advancements...

Zyxware Technologies: Why Drupal is Best for Content Heavy Websites?

8 Nov 2021

Drupal is highly customizable and can be scaled to meet the needs of content-heavy websites like those in the government, media, and publishing space.

Zyxware Technologies: Complete Guide to Drupal Security Modules 2021

8 Nov 2021

Drupal, a market leader in open source CMS offers flexible architecture, fast implementation, scalability, and a host of other features. Here is a list of top Drupal 9 Security Modules

Mateu Aguiló: Drupal’s Bundle Classes Empower Better Code

8 Nov 2021

A highlight of the new features enabled by the recent commit to Drupal core and a comparison with the contributed Typed Entity module.

Event Organizers: Announcing the Drupal Event Accessibility Playbook

5 Nov 2021

The Drupal Event Organizers Working Group and Drupal Community Working Group are pleased to announce a resource to help make inclusivity easier to build into event planning. Initiated by the Community Working Group and taken over by the Event Organizers Working Group, the new Drupal Event...

Drupal Association blog: RFP: Call for Interest: Drupal 9 Theme and Design System

5 Nov 2021

Introduction DrupalCon, a Drupal community event managed by Drupal Association, brings together thousands of people from the diverse Drupal Community - including coders, site builders, content editors, business professionals, themers, and more. Our audience is an amazing community of Drupal...

Droptica: What is Two Factor Authentication and How to Use It in Drupal?

5 Nov 2021

Two factor authentication (2FA) is an increasingly popular functionality on websites, and this article will teach you how to completely implement it on a Drupal 9 or 8 site. What is two factor authentication? Two-step authentication is the process of...

Web Omelette: How to override the View metatags based on an entity reference filter

4 Nov 2021

In this article I am going to show you a neat little trick by which we can override the static metatags of a given View with those that come from a potential dynamic filter (entity reference).

ImageX: What To Expect from Drupal 10, and How to Deal With Drupal 8’s End of Life

3 Nov 2021

The wheels of Drupal development are turning faster and faster.

Vasily Yaremchuk: One Possible Future of Drupal

3 Nov 2021

One Possible Future of Drupal About one month ago I took part in DrupalCamp Poland 2021. You can find abstract of my presentation there. It's about possible evolution of CMS like Drupal. Also, there are a few recomendations how you can use Tome with some dynamic content. My slides is...