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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

Axelerant Blog: Developing a custom CSV validator in Drupal 8

11 Aug 2021

In our recent project, we had a requirement from one of our clients where we need to validate data in CSV files based on custom requirements. This validated CSV would need to be imported into Drupal 8 into various content types.   In this article, we will look at the requirement, the library, the...

Axelerant Blog: Drupal 9.1 Is Here: Are You Ready to Upgrade?

11 Aug 2021

As expected, Drupal 9.1 was released on schedule at the closure of 2020. We have already talked about the Drupal 9 release and how it’s a testament to the predictable and reliable nature of the Drupal release cycle. Drupal 9.1 takes a step forward by adding more features and releasing them as...

Axelerant Blog: A Guide To Automated Testing With Drupal And Applitools

11 Aug 2021

Traditionally, Drupal web applications are built using various entities like Content types, blocks, components using Layout Builder, and then the product is made available to the end-user on the front-end using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The team usually starts with backend stories related to...

Axelerant Blog: Upgrade Drupal to PHP 8: Compiling extensions

11 Aug 2021

In the last article, we discussed the changes required to get Drupal 9.1 running on PHP 8. At that time, we got the Drupal 9.1 dev release working on PHP 8.0.0 RC4 with a few patches. Since then, a lot has changed with many of those patches being committed and Drupal 9.2 dev open for development....

Axelerant Blog: A Complete Overview of Drupal Migration & More

11 Aug 2021

With the launch of Drupal 9 in June 2020, the topic of Drupal migration is fresh on everyone’s mind. We will be delving deeper into the nitty-gritty around the topic in this blog.  Migration is the process where the content from the old site, converted into the desired format and is saved in the...

Axelerant Blog: Using Context in Site Studio to drive Drupal Site Personalization

11 Aug 2021

Personalization has started to become a common requirement for most websites. The content of a webpage needs to be personalized based on multiple criteria such as location, user preferences, personal user information, different cookies, etc.  We will be covering the type of personalization in this...

Drupal Association blog: Meet one of our 2021 Discover Drupal Students, Nadia Faucon

11 Aug 2021

After over a year of planning, the Discover Drupal 2021 student cohort began their journey in July! This year we have eight students. We will be highlighting each student who has opted in to share their personal journey. This month we welcome Nadia Faucon as our featured student!  Nadia currently...

Golems GABB: HTTP caching and response headers in review

11 Aug 2021

HTTP caching and response headers in review Editor Wed, 08/11/2021 - 17:57 The importance of web page loading time is undoubted. Website speed optimization is able to boost user experiences, improve customer loyalty, reduce bounce rate, increase conversions,...

Lullabot: Progressive Decoupling Made Easy

11 Aug 2021

Decoupling separates the system that store