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Abandoned cart emails - good sales practice or spam?

Shopping trolley filled with bottles of wineSubmitted 1 year 2 weeks ago by Marie Hadaway.

Nearly everyone these days who goes online has probably heard about GDPR - the toughest privacy and security law in the world aimed at protecting users and how their data is used.

GDPR: Is your website ready?

GDPR Submitted 4 years 3 months ago by Matt Batterton.

If you haven’t heard, the new EU* GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into force on 25th May. It will affect the way all businesses and organisations collect, use and store data on individuals. 

The Elephant In The Shop

Elephant in a Wine ShopSubmitted 4 years 5 months ago by Matt Batterton.

When selling wine online the biggest cost factor is the shipping charge.  Wine bottles are heavy and therefore expensive to ship. Many customers come to purchase wine online because of the convenience and cost benefits.

Effective Ecommerce Campaigns

Shopping CentreSubmitted 4 years 5 months ago by Matt Batterton.

This post provides an insight to our experience of what works and what does not when selling drinks online.

If you rely on your website to do all the work then you could be missing out on huge potential. Sales of drinks is a highly competitive industry both online and on the high street.

The Wine Reserve Website Launch

Submitted 5 years 9 months ago by Matt Batterton.

The new Wine Reserve website goes live successfully after just 4 months from our initial meeting.  The new website uses our Grapes Platform with full Vintner Systems back office integration designed specifically for the wine trade.

SEO link building with business directories

Index CardsSubmitted 8 years 12 months ago by Matt Batterton.

Building up a network of links to your website is essential to get your website integrated into the internet as part of your SEO strategy.

Learning Drupal

Learning DrupalSubmitted 8 years 12 months ago by Matt Batterton.

If you are new to Drupal or need a little extra help with getting over some of the initial hurdles, we selected a number of resource that were reviewed and discussed at our last Oxford Drupal Users Group.

Choosing a website platform

Signposts in the mistSubmitted 9 years 1 month ago by Matt.

Due to popular demand, I have agreed to write a blog that provides an easy to understand comparison between the most widely used open source platforms: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and DotN


Nginx logoSubmitted 9 years 1 month ago by Matt.

Nginx on a Linux platform serves web pages faster and more efficiently than the standard Apache web server.  It is a powerful accompaniment for any Drupal hosting environment.

We now use Nginx on our servers to provide high performance page serving.