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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

Promet Source: Drupal Enabled Drag and Drop Content Management

15 Oct 2020

Until recently, content management systems essentially fell into one of two camps: Intuitive, easy-to-create and manage SAAS solutions, such as WIX and Squarespace, or Flexible and scalable solutions, such as Drupal, for websites with complex data models and a depth of content.   Quantum...

OpenSense Labs: Monolithic and Decoupled Drupal Architectures

15 Oct 2020

Monolithic and Decoupled Drupal Architectures Gurpreet Kaur Thu, 10/15/2020 - 18:31 Websites have become a necessity in the 21st century. From gathering traffic on them to creating a buzz about its brand and resultantly leading to a higher sales figure, websites can do it all....

Tag1 Consulting: Using Gaggles to distribute your load testing

15 Oct 2020

Goose, the load testing software created by Tag1 CEO Jeremy Andrews has had a number of improvements since its creation. One of the most significant improvements is the addition of Gaggles. A Gaggle is a distributed load test, made up of 1 Manager process and 1 or more Worker processes. The...

undpaul: Jira for task management

15 Oct 2020

How do we as a project team always keep an overview and can plan the next steps together? There are task management tools for this purpose. At undpaul we like to use Jira Software from Atlassian for requirements management.

Mediacurrent: Join Mediacurrent at Acquia Engage 2020

14 Oct 2020

Acquia Engage is coming soon (October 20 and 21) to a screen near you. There’s still time to register and join us! The Engage 2020 conference will be fully virtual and free for all attendees.  This interactive event will inspire business and technology leaders to learn and connect on the...

Nonprofit Drupal posts: October Drupal for Nonprofits Chat

14 Oct 2020

Our normally scheduled call to chat about all things Drupal and nonprofits will happen TOMORROW, Thursday, October 15, at 1pm ET / 10am PT. (Convert to your local time zone.) No set agenda this month, so we'll have plenty of time to discuss whatever Drupal-related thoughts are on your mind.  All...

OpenSense Labs: Website Redesign Strategy: A Complete Guide

13 Oct 2020

Website Redesign Strategy: A Complete Guide Gurpreet Kaur Tue, 10/13/2020 - 16:24 The virtual sector has become increasingly prominent today. From trading shares to buying groceries, every single aspect of our life can be fulfilled in the virtual world. And do you know what lies at...

Specbee: Business Process Automation with Drupal – Top Drupal 8 (and 9) modules and distributions

13 Oct 2020

Business Process Automation with Drupal – Top Drupal 8 (and 9) modules and distributions Shefali Shetty 13 Oct, 2020 Top 10 best practices for designing a perfect UX for your mobile app Today,...

Drupal Association blog: Drupal Association Board Election 2020 - winner announced

13 Oct 2020

The Drupal Association would like to congratulate our newest elected board member: Pedro Cambra. Pedro Cambra is a Drupal developer and consultant with extensive experience working with Drupal projects. He has worked in many different industries, including large organisations such as United Nations...

ADCI Solutions: Drupal for e-Learning websites

13 Oct 2020

Why Drupal is a suitable CMS for developing a distance learning website? What the e-learning website should have for its work? We're going to list the basic set of eLearning site features and ways to implement it on Drupal. About this and much more you will learn from our website. Read the...