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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

Appnovation Technologies: Simple Website Approach Using a Headless CMS: Part 1

6 Feb 2019

Simple Website Approach Using a Headless CMS: Part 1 I strongly believe that the path for innovation requires a mix of experimentation, sweat, and failure. Without experimenting with new solutions, new technologies, new tools, we are limiting our ability to improve, arresting our...

Ashday's Digital Ecosystem and Development Tips: What is Drupal?

15 Aug 2018

You may have heard of Drupal in passing, but you have not ever been given a straight answer on what it is and why you should care. The truth is that even if you have worked with Drupal, you might not actually know what to say when asked what it is. Looking around there doesn’t seem to...

InternetDevels: Content Moderation module for Drupal 8 content workflows

15 Aug 2018

Each can enjoy the advantages of working with Drupal CMF in terms of filling a website due to content improvements. Easy content publishing in Drupal 8 is a great advantage of its usage and explains its popularity. Read more

Mediacurrent: The Marketer’s Guide to Drupal 8: 10 Reasons Enterprise Marketers Choose Drupal

15 Aug 2018

As marketers, we understand the importance of having a system that promotes ease and efficiency when it comes to implementing marketing processes. You want to create content once and use it over and over in different ways to create contextual user experiences. Drupal provides you with a...

Agaric Collective: Drupal 8 Content Migrations Training at Drupal Europe

14 Aug 2018

Agaric is facilitating a full day training at Drupal Europe in Darmstadt, Germany to help you understand how to import content into your to Drupal 8 website. This training is open for attendees with intermediate experience with Drupal- familiarity with installing a Drupal site and installing...

Acquia Developer Center Blog: A Dozen Reasons Why You Should Attend DrupalEurope in Darmstadt, Germany this September

14 Aug 2018

DrupalEurope, which will be happening from September 10 through 14, 2018 in Darmstadt, Germany, describes itself as "both a technology conference and a family reunion for the Drupal community." 1600+ attendees are expected. The buzz around this event has been unusually high, especially in the...

OpenSense Labs: Interactive Screens: Drupal for Building Digital Signage Solution

14 Aug 2018

Interactive Screens: Drupal for Building Digital Signage Solution Shankar Tue, 08/14/2018 - 19:17 Possibly the greatest ever digital signage advertising was created for British Airways which had it all. The advert, connecting to live flight information, displayed a child pointing up... Localising dates in twig templates

14 Aug 2018

A client noticed the dates on their news articles were not being translated into the correct language. The name of the month would always appear in English, even though all the month names had themselves been translated and showed correctly elsewhere. The problem turned out to be down to the twig...

Drupal Europe: How Publiq is using blockchain to tackle urgent challenges for publishers

14 Aug 2018

Drupal Europe: Publishing + Media Special FocusWhat industries come to mind when you hear blockchain? Banking? Trading? Healthcare? How about publishing? At Drupal Europe publishers will gain insights into the potential blockchain technology offers and learn how they can benefit. Meet Gagik...

PreviousNext: Testing Drupal with WebDriver browser mode vs Headless browser mode

14 Aug 2018

There is not a lot of documentation available about what's the difference between running a browser in WebDriver mode vs Headless so I did some digging... by Jibran Ijaz / 14 August 2018 Apparently, there are two ways to run...