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Digital Marketing & SEO

Climb up the rankings and convert those clicks.

Improving your visibility online

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We use current Google compliant SEO techniques to improve your website's ranking, because we know how important it is for your business to get noticed.

Paid Search

Paid searches return a good source of revenue if your adverts are perfectly tuned to target your specific customers.  We help with keyword research and paid search budgeting through our Fully Managed Google Adwords service.

SEO Audit

If you already have a website, an SEO audit will help us to find areas for improvement. From there we work with you to build a digital marketing strategy which will work with your new or existing website.

Increasing Conversion Rates

We then help you maximise your conversion rates by using a combination of great web design, enhanced user experience, campaign management tools, push marketing and re-engagement techniques that can be specific to you.

Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Understand how your website could add more value to your business by doing more for you or being more integrated with what you do on a day to day basis.  All websites require maintenance to stay relevant and up to date.

Where possible we automate and create personalised online experiences for customers.  This is where a lot of the fun creativity begins, coming up with ways that can work for your customers that are easy to maintain.

Previous successful strategies have included:

Email Alerts

If a member has not returned to the website for a while, send an automated email that reminds and incentivises them to return.

Affiliate Programs

If you have database of products or services these can be fed to multiple affiliate websites that can return relevant traffic and help increase conversion.

Omni-channel Sales

Make your products and services accessible from multiple devices and social media, printed material, radio and other networks without lifting a finger.

Personalised Content

If Peter likes this then show it to Paul, this can be automated to provide a personalised shopping experience and enhanced up selling and cross selling.

Reward Programmes

Incentivises customer to return to the website, with a reward or loyalty program.

All of these types of ideas discussed during our discovery and scoping meeting will be fed into the project document for further analysis to ensure that the solution we scope for you exceeds your needs.

Content Marketing

Your new website may need to include a blog, or the means to run a campaign to promote a specific product.  If this is the case, the campaign can be simply setup to run routinely and effectively across all your channels.  We can either help guide you in creating campaign strategy that keeps you in control of your content or we can do this for you with a predefined plan and strategy that works for your industry.  

We can help with:

  • Writing blogs
  • Writing campaigns
  • Writing newsletters
  • Maintaining your social media channels

Organic SEO

Each websites is built to include a high standard for SEO features to ensure that you can get the edge over your competition.   SEO is a fundamental part of ensuring that the right customers find your website. This is considered at the beginning and throughout every phase of your project to make sure that each page’s structure is optimised for SEO and it includes all the tools required to create highly competitive rankings.

Keyword Research

We have access to some great keyword research tools that helps us give you an understanding of what keywords are trending for  your business, service or products in comparison with the competition for those keywords. The results of this information enable your website content to be optimised for the keywords to give you the best possible opportunity to be found and stand out from your competition when running campaigns, writing content and managing PPC campaigns.

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