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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

Lullabot: Lullabot Podcast: The Drupal Theme StarterKit

16 Apr 2021

Matt and Mike have Front-end core committer Lauri Eskola on to talk about the new Drupal core theme starterkit that can be used to generate new themes. We'll talk about what's been done, and what's in store for this new Drupal core feature.

Acro Media: Creating a Product Catalogue With Search API, Solr & Facets | Acro Media

15 Apr 2021

Featuring a video from Acro Media’s YouTube tutorial series Tech Talk, this article will walk you through setting up an awesome Drupal Commerce product catalogue using Search API and Solr, and then adding various ways of filtering the results (product search, sorting options and Facet categories...

Aten Design Group: The body field is dead

15 Apr 2021

The body field is dead jnettik Thu, 04/15/2021 - 09:56 Authoring Experience Drupal Content authoring on...

Drudesk: How to prevent website spam using Drupal spam prevention modules

15 Apr 2021

Spam. This word contains so much pain and headache for any site owner. It is not possible to 100% eradicate spam from your website. However, it is possible to reduce these rates to a minimum, provided that you know how to prevent website spam....

Evolving Web: Discussing Diversity at DrupalFest 2021

15 Apr 2021

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting Evolving Web's Diversity in Tech event at DrupalFest. I’m fairly new to the Drupal world, and I was excited about this opportunity to connect with the community, which is one I’ve always admired. The idea of hosting a diversity-themed event at Evolving...

Community Working Group posts: 2021 Aaron Winborn Award Winner: AmyJune Hineline

15 Apr 2021

During DrupalCon North America 2021, the members of the Drupal Community Working Group announced the winner of the 2021 Aaron Winborn Award, AmyJune Hineline (volkswagenchick).   Since joining the Drupal community in 2015 after a career change, AmyJune has made an impact in multiple aspects of the...

Web Wash: Delete Files in Drupal using the File Delete Module

15 Apr 2021

In Drupal, files can be uploaded to the site for users to view or download. This can be easily achieved by creating a file or image field on content types. In the back end, a list of all the files uploaded can be viewed by the administrator, by going to Administration > Content > Files (...

Civic UK: Implementing DWP GOV.UK cookie consent pattern in Drupal

15 Apr 2021

In this blog post we provide instructions on how to enable, configure and use the DWP consent pattern in a Drupal 8/9 based website. People in Drupal

15 Apr 2021

As I was leaving home for the park, I wondered aloud what topic should I write about today. My daughters chimed in write about your three Drupal kids. It was an off-the-hand comment that portrayed how often they think about Drupal (more than me). But I thought, why not write about this–write about...

Third & Grove: Why the Composable Enterprise Matters

15 Apr 2021

The special century was, well, a special time. In this one hundred-year period, roughly from 1870 to 1970, a series of technological revolutions permanently changed the fundamental nature of the human experience. Prior to that era, human experience had not undergone any substantive improvements...