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Wim Leers: Drupal Dev Days Ghent 2022: sprints FTW!

11 Apr 2022

So what was DDD Ghent like? Statistics 137 issues across all projects 52 of the 137 (38%) for core, of which 7 already fixed 19 of the 52 (37% of core, or 14% of total) on CKEditor 5, 3 already fixed (all discovered at DDD, 2 of which for upgrade path) 16 of the 19 discovered...

Electric Citizen: See you at DrupalCon Portland 2022

11 Apr 2022

It's been a long three years, but the Drupal community is getting back together in person for DrupalCon Portland! (Apr 25-Apr 29) The pandemic robbed us of the first-ever DrupalCon...

#! code: Drupal 9: Deleting And Ignoring Drupal Composer Directories From Git

10 Apr 2022

Composer is an excellent way of managing dependencies but in order to use it properly it does require a build and deployment process. The two ways of deploying a site built with composer is to either generate an artefact with the composer dependencies installed, or to install composer as part of...

php[architect]: Testing The Core

8 Apr 2022

This month, John and Eric introduce the new Drupal Dab column by Nicola Pignatelli which will be focused on the Drupal CMS system. They also discuss the How to Hack you Home with a Raspberry Pi series is going. Chris Tankersley takes us down the path of licenses with some thoughts on choosing one...

Drupal Association blog: Google Summer of Code 2022 is open! Eligibility expanded!

8 Apr 2022

This post brought to you by Drupal Association board member Nick Veenhof, in collaboration with Jingsheng Wang. Congratulations. We are thrilled to announce that Drupal is accepted to Google Summer of Code once again in 2022. This will be Drupal’s sixteenth year as a mentoring organization....

Finalist Blog: Some highlights from the Drupal Developer Days 2022

8 Apr 2022

This week I had the pleasure of being able to attend the 11th edition of the illustrious Drupal developer days. This latest edition took place in Ghent, and although I bought my ticket in 2019 I needed to wait more than two years for the actual event to take place. It was well worth the wait...

Event Organizers: Drupal Event Organizer Sessions at DrupalCon Portland

8 Apr 2022

We are looking forward to the first in-person DrupalCon since 2019! There are many opportunities to connect with fellow event organizers throughout the week. Monday, April 25 2:00pm - Group Photo 5:20pm - Welcome Reception Contribution all day - General Tuesday, April 26 8:30am -

Chapter Three: When the Drupal 9 Upgrade is Hard

7 Apr 2022

One of the major selling points of Drupal 9 is that the upgrade is really easy: fix your deprecated code, update your contrib modules, run some composer magic, and you’re done. While that usually is the case, some sites have their own set of hacks, oddities, and technical debt that make the upgrade...

Drupal Association blog: Build Your Drupal Expertise at DrupalCon with Hands-on Training

7 Apr 2022

One of the defining characteristics of the Drupal community is its relentless sharing of information. The variety of presentations at DrupalCon speaks to this phenomenon. Beyond the case studies and thought leadership talks you find at any tech conference, you also find conversations about the...