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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

OpenSense Labs: Why Update PHP: An All Inclusive Guide

18 May 2021

Why Update PHP: An All Inclusive Guide Gurpreet Kaur Tue, 05/18/2021 - 17:00 A computer is a marvellous creation, it can be used to build and execute any number of software and instructions that we may want. What is even more marvellous is that it understands exactly what we want...

Web Wash: Hide Block if no Results are Returned using Views in Drupal

18 May 2021

Creating a block using views is pretty straightforward. You could create a block to display a list of published articles or ones that have been promoted to the front page. Then you can add that block into any theme region. But you may encounter a situation where you no longer have any articles...

Golems GABB: Use heatmap analysis to heat up your e-commerce conversions

18 May 2021

Use heatmap analysis to heat up your e-commerce conversions Editor Tue, 05/18/2021 - 13:25 For anyone who wants to boost their e-commerce store sales, it’s incredibly useful to know all steps of user interaction with the website. However, without the right...

Morpht: Makers, takers and altruism

18 May 2021

A look at the concepts of makers and takers and how an understanding of altruism can help open source projects such as Drupal adapt to the future.

PreviousNext: Introducing the Filter Format Audit module

17 May 2021

Securing filter formats is one of the most important tasks when setting up a new site. But sometimes when you inherit a site you find it wasn't done securely, or perhaps over time the format has gotten a bit lax and you want to make changes. The Filter Format Audit module makes this...

Jacob Rockowitz: To all the backers of the Webform module's Open Collective, THANK YOU!

17 May 2021

In January 2019, the Webform module for Drupal joined Open Collective. In a recent blog post, I shared my thoughts around sustainability, why I felt starting an Open Collective was important, and my hopes on how to spend the collected fund. For DrupalCon Seattle, we were able to raise money to pay...

Mediacurrent: Adding OOP to Your Drupal 7 Refactor

14 May 2021

When you are used to working in Drupal 8 and beyond, having to make changes to custom Drupal 7 code can be unpleasant. If you’re lucky, the code was well written and maintained and you can make your changes without feeling like you’re adding to a house of cards. Too often, though, the code is in a...

The Russian Lullaby: Books/ 31 Days of Drupal Migrations

14 May 2021

Perhaps of all the Drupal available APIs, the Migrate API is one of the areas of knowledge most hidden from the average Drupal user. It’s even possible that as you read this post, you know for the first time that there is a whole set of Drupal modules both in core and contributed, and fully... Supporting IE11 while still using Modern CSS

13 May 2021

Drupal currently supports IE11, and will do until Drupal 10 in about a year's time. Here's my proposal for how to support IE11 in a distribution without holding back from modern CSS.