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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

Duo Consulting: Acquia Acquires Open Source Marketing Platform Mautic

14 May 2019

When every business has a website, how do you stand out? Because customers expect so much more from digital brands, utilizing a marketing platform is essential. Marketing automation software enables businesses to deliver personalized engagement, strengthening customer bonds and driving new business...

OpenSense Labs: Drupal 8.7 Unleashes New Layout Builder

14 May 2019

Drupal 8.7 Unleashes New Layout Builder Jayati Tue, 05/14/2019 - 17:53 Long awaited and much needed in the pipeline, the Layout Builder was finally launched in May 2019. With an ambition to create a content tool that can provide more power and flexibility than comparable systems,... A Very Simple PoC of Using Voice to Admin a Drupal Website

14 May 2019

A Very Simple PoC of Using Voice to Admin a Drupal Website I was playing around with the SpeechRecognition API last night and thought, "wouldn't it be cool if we could use voice to administer a website?". Then, I put together this tiny proof of concept module for use with Drupal...

Electric Citizen: When to upgrade from Drupal 7

13 May 2019

Drupal 7 was officially released in 2011, making it quite old in web years, though it still powers hundreds of thousands of websites worldwide. Drupal 8 was released in 2015, but the path to upgrading has never been an easy one for Drupal websites (prior to 8). So our recommendation for most...

Phase2: Last Week’s DXP One-Two Punch

13 May 2019

Digital experience platforms (DXPs) had a big moment this past week. Blog: Top Drupal blog posts from April 2019

13 May 2019

Since last month a lot of Drupalists were busy preparing for and traveling to DrupalCon, we wanted to give everyone a chance to catch up with important news and goings-on in the Drupalverse. To this end, here’s a recap of our favorite Drupal-related posts from last month. READ MORE

Web Omelette: Using Drupal 8 filters to render the markup that you want in a clean way

13 May 2019

I’ve been working on a Drupal 7 to 8 migration of content and I encountered in the source body fields a bunch of tables which had a class that styled them in a certain way. One of the requirements was clearly to port the style but improve it using the Bootstrap tables styles and responsiveness....

Promet Source: Invent Your Own Development Methodology

13 May 2019

Having a process to follow when it comes to website planning and development is essential. The following considerations factor into successful development.  Choosing a Method Planning and Development Goals Choosing a Methodology Influencing Development Methodology   Choosing a Method  

Morpht: Drupal 8 Configuration - Part 2: How the API works

13 May 2019

Background We live in an age of Drupal complexity. In the early days of Drupal, many developers would have a single Drupal instance/environment (aka copy) that was their production site, where they would test out new modules and develop new functionality. Developing on the live website however...

Matt Glaman: A proper introduction to Drupal Check

12 May 2019

A proper introduction to Drupal Check Sunday 12, May 2019 mglaman You may have heard of Drupal Check. You may wonder what in the world it is or how it even came to be. I realized this went from an internal research and development task for a product, to open source contribution and...