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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

Aten Design Group: BADCamp 2020

22 Sep 2020

BADCamp 2020 Mckenna Andreas Tue, 09/22/2020 - 12:00 Events Drupal Bay Area Drupal Camp has gone — wait...

Tag1 Consulting: Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 End of Life

22 Sep 2020

At Drupalcon Global 2020, Tag 1 Consulting CEO Jeremy Andrews and Managing Director Michael Meyers talked about the upcoming Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 end of life.Read more [email protected]… Tue, 09/22/2020 - 11:23

Specbee: Why the AngularJS and Drupal Combination will make you rethink your web strategy

22 Sep 2020

Why the AngularJS and Drupal Combination will make you rethink your web strategy Shefali Shetty 22 Sep, 2020 Top 10 best practices for designing a perfect UX for your mobile app A seasoned web...

Dale McGladdery: Ansible Starter Setup

21 Sep 2020

Ansible is an open source IT automation tool. I tend to describe it as a task-runner with a host database (which Ansible calls the inventory). A big selling point is no agent software is needed on managed remote hosts. Details at the Ansible website: tl;dr: If you...

OpenSense Labs: Humour in Web Design

21 Sep 2020

Humour in Web Design Gurpreet Kaur Mon, 09/21/2020 - 18:24 There are two kinds of instances that we never forget in our lives; one is when we hysterically cry, and the other is when we hysterically laugh. The other moments in our lives are bound to lose their place in our memories...

Jacob Rockowitz: Where should Webforms live within Drupal’s Admin Toolbar?

21 Sep 2020

Currently, in Drupal’s admin toolbar, the Webform module is listed under ‘Structure’.If you have installed the contributed Admin Toolbar module, which adds drop-down menus to Drupal’s admin toolbar, it’s relatively easy to access Webforms from any page on your website.There are two immediate...

Tag1 Consulting: Git basics keep you on track

21 Sep 2020

In his Drupal4Gov webinar Using tools and Git workflow best practices to simplify your local development, Greg Lund-Chaix, Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Tag1, talks about some of the ways that teams struggle when they become successful and need to learn to scale. He recommends using some basic...

Digital Echidna: Thoughts on all things digital: Smart Date 3.0 - the Intelligent Choice for Better Integration, Better Admin Experience

21 Sep 2020

This week brought a new, stable release for Smart Date 3.0.0. You're welcome to dig through the various Smart Date release notes to read up on all the changes from the previous, 8.x-2.x branch but I thought I would use this space to talk about some…

Palantir: Thoughts and Reflections on Drupal Association Governance

20 Sep 2020

How organizational cruft creates confusion for the contributor community and what might be done to address it. I am no longer a Drupal Association board member nor was I involved in or privy to the discussions around the changes that the Drupal Association Board made to voting eligibility...

Promet Source: Advantages of Component-Based Web Design Systems

19 Sep 2020

In the evolving world of web design and development, component-based design systems represent a revolutionary leap -- a previously missing link that replaces an environment of siloed functions and time-consuming complexities with high velocity capabilities that fuel flexibility, consistency, and...