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Agaric Collective: Tips for writing Drupal migrations and understanding their workflow

7 Aug 2019

We have presented several examples as part of this migration blog post series. They started very simple and have been increasing in complexity. Until now, we have been rather optimistic. Get the sample code, install any module dependency, enable the module that defines the migration, and execute it...

Hook 42: Down the Headless Rabbit Hole At Decoupled Days

6 Aug 2019

Down the Headless Rabbit Hole At Decoupled Days Lindsey Gemmill Tue, 08/06/2019 - 19:49

Promet Source: Why Drupal?

6 Aug 2019

Drupal is certainly not only the open-source CMS game in town, but when consulting with clients about the best solution for the full range of their needs, it tends to be my go-to. Here’s why:  Architecture Scalability Database Views Flexibility Security Modules Search Migration  ...

OSTraining: Add Collapsible Blocks to Text-Heavy Nodes in Drupal 8

6 Aug 2019

Long articles with many sections often discourage users from reading. They start reading and usually leave before reaching half of such articles. To avoid this type of user experience, I recommend to group each section in your article into a collapsible tab. The article reader then will be able to... Blog: Top Drupal blog posts from July 2019

6 Aug 2019

At the start of every month, we gather all the Drupal blog posts from the previous month that we’ve enjoyed the most. Here’s an overview of our favorite posts from July related to Drupal - enjoy the read! READ MORE

Agaric Collective: Using constants and pseudofields as data placeholders in the Drupal migration process pipeline

6 Aug 2019

So far we have learned how to write basic Drupal migrations and use process plugins to transform data to meet the format expected by the destination. In the previous entry we learned one of many approaches to migrating images. In today’s example, we will change it a bit to introduce two new...

Eelke Blok: Creating fields and other configuration during updates in Drupal

5 Aug 2019

When deploying changes to a Drupal environment, you should be running database updates (e.g. drush updb, or through update.php) first, and only then import new configuration. The reason for this is that update hooks may want to update configuration, which will fail if that configuration is already...

James Oakley: Drupal 8 Development / Deployment Workflow

5 Aug 2019

I've been putting off learning how to build sites in Drupal 8, and migrating my existing Drupal 7 sites over to Drupal 8. Why? Drupal 8 uses a lot of new tools. I want to learn how to set up a Drupal 8 site in the "right" (optimal) way so that I don't incur technical debt for myself later on. That...

OSTraining: Create a Simple Faceted Search in Your Drupal 8 Site

5 Aug 2019

Creating a faceted search in Drupal implies some configuration steps. This can be overwhelming to people new to Drupal. The MixItUp Views Drupal 8 module allows you to create a simplified version of a faceted search based on the taxonomies of the content type. It also provides a nice animation,...