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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #323 - Pantheon Autopilot

29 Nov 2021

Welcome to Talking Drupal. Today we are talking about Pantheon Autopilot with Nathan Tyler. Topics Nic - Firefly iii Kevin - Visiting Asheville Nathan - Working on 227 open source repos, soccer league John - Drupal Providence Pantheon Autopilot Visual regression tests How it...

Web Omelette: How to switch out the Entity form mode dynamically in Drupal 9

29 Nov 2021

In this article we are going to see how we can dynamically use a different entity form mode depending on certain conditions in Drupal 9. Five years as a core subsystem maintainer, a retrospective.

29 Nov 2021

Drupal is written by volunteers and by employees of companies who sponsor them. Writing code is usually the main way to contribute to open source, but reviewing others code is important as well. I’m one of the ones who reviews others’ code, after five years of doing this I would like to... Timezone Handling on Your Drupal Site for Everyone

28 Nov 2021

Drupal happily hides the chaos when it comes to timezones. We have UNIX timestamps, which are timezone-agnostic, and other forms of dates that are always in UTC, which it converts for you on-the-fly before displaying them to the users. This way, you do not need to worry about the pain of converting... Drupal is the perfect no code tool

27 Nov 2021

When you don’t know how to write code Drupal is the perfect tool to build complex websites or (web) apps because of the flexibility, available modules and thriving community  

PreviousNext: Sponsoring Drupal Contribution

26 Nov 2021

As an open-source project, Drupal relies on the sustained contributions of individuals and organisations to keep it well maintained, develop, and grow to stay relevant in a competitive landscape. The project founder, Dries Buytaert has highlighted the problems many open source...

Evolving Web: My First 3 Months at Evolving Web

25 Nov 2021

Last August, I joined Evolving Web as a Content Writer & Editor. Three months later, I have to say this has been a fantastic journey! I'm super proud of being part of an incredible marketing team and a true digital powerhouse. Here I'll share a few impressions of Evolving Web and how its...

Chocolate Lily: Multiple version compatibility in Drupal--managing the tradeoffs

25 Nov 2021

If you're a seasoned Drupal module developer, or even a relatively new one, it's hard not to like the fact that, starting with Drupal 8.7.7, it's possible for a single version of a module to be compatible with multiple versions of Drupal core. Suddenly, maintaining...

Matt Glaman: Better static analysis with entity type storages in phpstan-drupal 1.10

25 Nov 2021

I am happy to announce the 1.1.0 release of phpstan-drupal! This is a minor version bump due to a breaking change in the configuration options for phpstan-drupal. Before we dive in, I want to give major thanks to brambaud for their outstanding contributions this month. Their work has brought...

Annertech: Decoupled websites are secure, fast and cost-effective – perfect for councils

25 Nov 2021

This article will break down the ins and outs of decoupling, set out the pros and cons, and tell you why Annertech should be your first port of call.