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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

Community Working Group posts: The Community Health Team welcomes new members

12 Jul 2022

The Community Health Team (CHT) of the Drupal Community Working Group is tasked with support community health by both providing periodic support to the Conflict Resolution Team in the form of subject matter experts (SMEs) and proactive initiatives (community event support, Code of Conduct contact...

Cocomore: Drupalcamp Zaragoza 2022: the deeply missed event is back!

12 Jul 2022

Until 2020 Drupalcamp was held every year in a different location in Spain, but since the advent of Covid, we haven’t had the chance to meet our friends and colleagues from the Spanish Drupal community. Now, circumstances have finally allowed us to hold large conferences again, and we couldn’t miss...

Cocomore: Empowerment comes from opportunity. Meet Cocomore's new Fair Trade talent training program

12 Jul 2022

Cocomore is currently exploring ways to recruit in new areas in the ever expanding software development market. Find out why we are looking for a Drupal trainer to help with our new program.

Cocomore: The true-life experience of a Drupal Content Editor

12 Jul 2022

– we are only as good as the system is! I took on the mission of raising more awareness of how we feel as content editors at the end of a long line of website development, collecting my experiences, and applying for the online Drupal Con Europe 2021.

Cocomore: Drupal 9: How to successfully upgrade

12 Jul 2022

The big day has come: the new version of the CMS Drupal was launched on June 3rd!

Cocomore: How to get ready for Drupal 9

12 Jul 2022

As Drupal support for the CRM-versions D7 and D8 will be running out in November 2021, it is advisable to start planning your D9 upgrade asap. On t3n our expert Marc Kutschera explains how to do it.

Cocomore: Composer in Drupal 8.8.0 - First impressions

12 Jul 2022

With the release of the new Drupal 8.8.0 version, a number of new changes are waiting for the community. From a development point of view, the most interesting one is probably the full support of Composer to build Drupal projects.

Cocomore: Recap: Drupal Camp 2017 in Frankfurt

12 Jul 2022

The DrupalCamp Frankfurt 2017 took place on April 22 and 23 at the university Frankfurt/Bockenheim. But it kept some of us busy for quite a while in advance.

Cocomore: From a small start-up to the big agency - A retrospective of more than a decade of agency life

12 Jul 2022

Agency life - a term which brings about numerous results in social networks and search engines. After more than eleven years at Cocomore I came to understand the real meaning of this term.

Cocomore: Cocomore job check: What does a Backend Developer do?

12 Jul 2022

With our blog series “Cocomore Job Check” we are introducing typical jobs in the digital industry and offering insights to the agency life here at Cocomore. Next to marketing, IT and development are part of our core business. We are talking with Mehmet Tunay about his job as a backend developer and...