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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

Lullabot: Avoiding Drupal Disillusionment: Drupal for the Long-Term

15 Feb 2021

In our many years of helping clients, large and small, build and optimize their websites, Lullabot has seen a common pattern in digital projects: recurring cycles ranging from energy and enthusiasm to disillusionment and destruction.

rachel_norfolk: 87% cleaner than other web pages tested...

15 Feb 2021

87% cleaner than other web pages tested... So, it seems that this website does pretty well from an energy usage... Blog: Employee Experience at Agiledrop - 8 lessons learned from 2020

15 Feb 2021

This article will take a look at 8 important employee experience lessons that we learned from the changes to work in 2020. READ MORE

#! code: Drupal 9: Cascading Ajax Select Forms

14 Feb 2021

Tying together different select elements in a form is done with very little effort thanks to the ajax and states system built into Drupal 9. This means that any Drupal form can have a select element that shows and updates options into another select element within the same form. Using this system...

Droptica: How to Protect your Drupal Forms against Bots? Review of the Captcha Module

12 Feb 2021

When publishing a form on your website, you must be aware that sooner or later spambots will find it. It is one of the biggest scourges of the modern Internet. The Captcha module will protect you against such situations. Further down the article, I will present the... A Mini Case Study: How to Rescue an Abandoned/Neglected Drupal Module

11 Feb 2021

A great way to contribute to the Drupal ecosystem is by creating your own contributed module—but you don’t always have to start from scratch. This post tells the story of how Bounteous rescued the TB MegaMenu module after several years of neglect.

Mediacurrent: Webinar Recap: Reimagining Your Higher Ed Web Strategy

11 Feb 2021

In our recent webinar, we set out to help higher ed marketing teams rethink their digital focus for the year ahead.  We tapped a group of experts with years of experience helping some of the best-known colleges and universities deliver engaging digital experiences to discuss key web strategy...

Promet Source: Things We Love

11 Feb 2021

The past 12 months have presented lots of opportunities for looking at life and work through a different lens. Many of us have gained a newfound gratitude for the people, perspectives, and technologies that have sparked new possibilities and powered us through. Love is in the air as Valentine's...

Dave Hall Consulting: We Have a New Website (Finally)

11 Feb 2021

After 15 years we rebuilt our website. Learn more about the new site.

Drudesk: Drupal 8 to 9 Migration: Preparing Your Website for Drupal 9

10 Feb 2021

2020 was significant for web development — not just because of Сovid, but also because of the new version Drupal 9. Since the new version was based on the same core as the previous one, the developers promise that the Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 migration...