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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

Specbee: Sorting Views with DraggableViews in Drupal 8 – A Quick Walk-through

21 Jul 2020

Sorting Views with DraggableViews in Drupal 8 – A Quick Walk-through Akshay Devadiga 21 Jul, 2020 Top 10 best practices for designing a perfect UX for your mobile app Views are the most...

Promet Source: How to Master Entity Access in Drupal

20 Jul 2020

Most Drupal devs are familiar with hook_entity_access(and its cousins hook_ENTITY_TYPE_ID_access and hook_node_access). However, it is mostly used for serving “403: Access denied” to browsers.  And we use a separate hook, hook_form_alter to disable edit buttons on admin pages like content overview...

Tag1 Consulting: Next steps for components everywhere in Drupal - part 2

20 Jul 2020

Part 1 | Part 2 Emerging approaches to front-end development portend a very different world from the one we live in today with regard to handling and juggling components. After all, new best practices promulgated by the likes of JavaScript technologies like React are overturning our preconceived...

Evolving Web: Digital Marketing for Higher Ed: Insights From PSEWEB 2020

20 Jul 2020

Last week I had the opportunity to attend PSEWEB 2020, Canada's annual digital marketing conference for colleges and universities. While it would have been nice to attend sessions and meet attendees in person (the conference was originally supposed to take place on the McGill campus in...

Dries Buytaert: State of Drupal presentation (July 2020)

20 Jul 2020

Last week, Drupalists from around the world gathered for DrupalCon Global. This DrupalCon was the first ever virtual event of this scale for the Drupal community. As a matter of tradition, I delivered the opening keynote. You can watch a video recording of my keynote, download a copy of my...

Tag1 Consulting: DrupalCon Global

19 Jul 2020

Tag1 is a proud Platinum sponsor of DrupalCon Global. Find the slides for our contributed talks attached. I was just talking to my team about how much I liked how the DA put on this DrupalCon Global virtual conference. Despite the short lead time DA had to prepare, it worked! Hopin had very few...

DrupalEasy: DrupalEasy Podcast 235 - Nils Adermann (Composer co-author), DrupalCon Global chat

18 Jul 2020

Direct .mp3 file download. Nils Adermann, co-author of the Composer project, joins Mike Anello to talk about the past, present, and future of Composer. Ryan Price and Mike chat about the chat about the DrupalCon Global chat system and the future(?) of global Drupal virtual events. URLs mentioned...

ARREA-Systems: Technique to format html email (simplenews + swiftmailer + css)

18 Jul 2020

Technique to format html email (simplenews + swiftmailer + css)   If you use swiftmailer + simplenews, you may want to send html email with custom css. To achieve that,you have to customise 2 twig templates....

Drupal blog: Drupal 10 target release date and Drupal 9 end-of-life

17 Jul 2020

We are targeting to release Drupal 10 around June 2022. That is less than two years from today! Why so fast, you ask? Drupal 9's biggest dependency is Symfony 4, which has an end-of-life date in November 2023. This means that after November 2023, security bugs in Symfony 4 will not get fixed....

Axelerant Blog: What Does Planning For Drupal 9 Mean To You?

17 Jul 2020

Plan a Drupal 9 upgrade while keeping the upcoming Drupal releases and versioning in mind. Read what the upgrade process will mean will for you.