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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

Matt Glaman: ContribKanban 2019 update

12 May 2019

ContribKanban 2019 update Saturday 11, May 2019 mglaman It seems that I do a roughly annual update for ContribKanban and what I plan on doing with it. This year I evaluated its future and roadmap and how it can be more useful for the community at large.

Chapter Three: Gated resources forms with webform and token

10 May 2019

On several occasions clients have come to us asking for a form with a gated resource. They want the  resource (.pdf, .doc, .xls etc.) to be available to download after the user fills a form. In exchange for the visitor's valuable information, we provide them a file. This is easily achievable in...

Vasily Yaremchuk: I have switched my Drupal 8 site to a static HTML site with Tome

10 May 2019

I have switched my Drupal 8 site to a static HTML site with Tome Many years ago I made my personal page on Drupal 7, as soon as Drupal 8 was released I have upgraded to this version. My personal site is just a page with my contacts and my blog.  In truth, I do not always have enough... New Drupal Media Library interface: managing media with joy

10 May 2019

The blend of usability and attractiveness exists — this is Media Library in Drupal 8.7 core. That’s what comes to mind when we see Drupal Media Library’s updated UI. Managing media on websites will now be easier and more enjoyable than before! Drupal Media Library allows you to:

Roy Scholten: No one-offs

10 May 2019

Sub title Things seen here are configured there. /sites/default/files/styles/large/public/things-shown-here-configured-there.png?itok=qSZb6N0L An elaboration on underlying considerations that make simple suggestions as this...

Morpht: Drupal 8 Configuration - Part 1: The Configuration API

10 May 2019

Background We live in an age of Drupal complexity. In the early days of Drupal, many developers would have a single Drupal instance/environment (aka copy) that was their production site, where they would test out new modules and develop new functionality. Developing on the live website however...

DrupalCon News: Reflections from DrupalCon Seattle’s Grant & Scholarship Recipients

9 May 2019

What an event this last DrupalCon was! Thanks to all who joined us in April for DrupalCon Seattle 2019. In planning this event, more funds than ever before — 30 percent more, to be exact — were allocated for grants and scholarships. This tied in with the overall aim of having a cross-section of...

Sven Decabooter: How to make a Drupal 8 local task title dynamic

9 May 2019

How to make a Drupal 8 local task title dynamic When defining local tasks (= tabs) in your Drupal 8 modules, you can specify a title for the tab via the 'title' property in your [MODULENAME].links.task.yml file. However, in some cases you might want to make the task title dynamic, e.g...

Specbee: Drupal 8.7 Features (What’s New and Why Should You Care)

9 May 2019

How do you stay ahead of your competition? Easy - Be relevant. Address your audience’s pain points. Repeat. With the adoption of the continuous innovation model, Drupal is doing that and more. Drupal 8.7 was released on May 1st following the 6 months release cycle for Drupal 8. We saw huge...

ThinkShout: Recognizing Insecure Drupal Code

9 May 2019

Within the Drupal community, it seems like many developers are interested in ensuring their modules and themes are secure, but don’t really know what insecure code looks like. I’ve personally found a lot of resources that tell you about security best practices, but don’t dive deeper into common...