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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

#! code: Drupal 9: How To Tell If A Page Is First Published

19 Apr 2021

I was writing some code on a Drupal site that detects if a page is being published and I realised that this state isn't as clear cut as you might expect.  Drupal stores the published state of a page as the 'status', with 0 being unpublished and 1 being published. With revisions being turned on by...

Tag1 Consulting: A Deep Dive Into End To End Encryption (E2EE) in Yjs - part 2

19 Apr 2021

There are significant challenges in implementation of E2EE protocols, from who handles the security, to ensuring all participants can access the same data. E2e encryption introduced lots of challenges for history snapshots and what it means for Tombstones. Multiple types of encryption: local, using...

Dries Buytaert: 3 of the 4 COVID-19 vaccine producers run on Drupal

19 Apr 2021

Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson all use Drupal for their websites. They each have hundreds of Drupal websites. AstraZeneca, the fourth vaccine producer, doesn't use Drupal. However, the University of Oxford, who developed their vaccine, is an active Drupal user. These... Career Growth with Drupal

19 Apr 2021

As the Director of Drupal services at Axelerant, one of the things I often worry about is the growth of each of the members of my team. We are a Drupal agency, so there are a lot of options for people to choose from. Yet, there are different concerns with working on Drupal for a long time. Today, I...

Community Working Group posts: Crafting the 2021 Aaron Winborn Award

18 Apr 2021

A few years ago, during our preparations for the 2018 Aaron Winborn Award, we had the idea that the award should be created by a community member.  Rachel Lawson, a former member of the Drupal Community Working Group's conflict resolution team, created hand-blown glass awards for both the 2018 and...

DrupalEasy: Introducing the Drupal Career Online Spring 2021 Class

18 Apr 2021

We're halfway through the 12-week Spring 2021 Drupal Career Online semester, with a wonderful group of nine Drupal students. We are just finishing up our spring break/independent study week, and looking forward to diving into module and theme development, followed by team workflows, the... What I look for in Drupal contrib modules

18 Apr 2021

As of this writing, there are 47,008 modules available on Even if you filter for Drupal 8 or Drupal 9, there is still an impressive number of modules available (approximately 10,000 and 5,000 respectively). Chances are that you would find just the module you are looking for to build... What I would like to see in Drupal 10

17 Apr 2021

I picked up this topic from my ideas list for this #DrupalFest series of posts. I didn't think I would want to write about this because I don't think about features that way. One of the strengths of Drupal is its modular architecture and I can put in any feature I want from the contrib space.

Joachim's blog: A better way to work on Drupal core

16 Apr 2021

Often when things seem really complicated, I think it's because I must be doing it wrong. Working on Drupal core since dependencies were removed from git has seemed really fiddly. For a long time I thought I must have missed something, that there was some undocumented technique I wasn't aware of... Building a Digital Experience with Drupal

16 Apr 2021

Drupal is a CMS. One might even say that Drupal is a good CMS and they would be right about that, in my not-so-humble opinion. At its core, Drupal is able to define content really well. Sure, it needs to do better at making the content editor's experience pleasant, apart from other things. But...