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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

OpenSense Labs: Going ultra-minimalist: Metalsmith with Drupal

17 Feb 2019

Going ultra-minimalist: Metalsmith with Drupal Shankar Sun, 02/17/2019 - 22:22 A metalsmith sees potential where others might see trash. In his vision, a plastic bag can become a ring, the zipper can turn into a bracelet and brass platters can be metamorphosed into a striking hollow...

Vardot: How to Rank #1 on Google Using Drupal CMS

17 Feb 2019

Firas Ghunaim February 17, 2019 "...

Aten Design Group: Flexible Authoring with Structured Content

15 Feb 2019

As a writer or editor for your organization’s website, you should be able to quickly write articles or build pages that are collections of smaller elements. You should be able to write some text, add a slideshow, write some more text, perhaps list a few tweets, and finish things off with a list of...

Promet Source: 4 Key Success Factors for Driving Change

14 Feb 2019

A commercial came on the radio recently advertising a software application that would, basically, revolutionize data management and enable employees to be more efficient. My first thought was, “How can they possibly promise that when they don’t know their customers’ data management processes?” Then...

OpenSense Labs: Jigsaw Puzzle of Drupal Media & 3rd Party Solutions: Can Integration Complete the Picture?

14 Feb 2019

Jigsaw Puzzle of Drupal Media & 3rd Party Solutions: Can Integration Complete the Picture? Vasundhra Fri, 02/15/2019 - 01:13 Communication is the heart of all human interactions and the media is like the blood pumping all the necessary ideas and expressions.  Media provides...

Drudesk: A glimpse at Drupal 8 and Vue.js combination

14 Feb 2019

The trend of using JavaScript frameworks with Drupal keeps gaining popularity. It is used for creating rich, fast, and interactive web interfaces. One of the hot use areas is decoupled (headless Drupal 8) architecture, with the front-end part...

Sooper Drupal Themes: Sooperthemes 2015-2018 Retrospective: Crafting Enterprise-Ready Solutions For A Better Drupal Experience

14 Feb 2019

As of today Sooperthemes provides the only proven enterprise-grade drag and drop Drupal builder, and framework theme. Examples proving this point are sites being rolled out by the United Nations, Google, and by the US Senate for all newly inaugurated senators! 3 years...

OPTASY: Easy Page Speed Audit: How to Improve the Perceived Performance of Your Drupal Site

14 Feb 2019

Easy Page Speed Audit: How to Improve the Perceived Performance of Your Drupal Site radu.simileanu Thu, 02/14/2019 - 09:10 How do you run a page speed audit from a user experience standpoint? For, let's face it: website performance is user experience!  What are...

Dries Buytaert: Optimizing site performance by reducing JavaScript and CSS

14 Feb 2019

I've been thinking about the performance of my site and how it affects the user experience. There are real, ethical concerns to poor web performance. These include accessibility, inclusion, waste and environmental concerns. A faster site is more accessible, and therefore more inclusive for people...

Drupal blog: Headless CMS: REST vs JSON:API vs GraphQL

13 Feb 2019

This blog has been re-posted and edited with permission from Dries Buytaert's blog. The web used to be server-centric in that web content management systems managed data and turned it into HTML responses. With the rise of headless architectures a portion of the web is becoming server-centric for...