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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

#! code: Drupal 9: Programmatically Creating And Using URLs And Links

20 Mar 2022

This is probably not relevant to some people, but I find that I'm always searching for this information when I need to print out a URL or find the current page path. The difficulty is that finding or printing out a URL is very contextual and there is more than one way to get or use this...

Drupal Association Journey: Pedro Cambra: My official resignation for the DA board

20 Mar 2022

Dear Drupal community: I'm sad to announce my resignation from the Drupal Association board. I was elected by the Drupal Association members back in 2020 with a single task in my program: try to revert what I considered an unjust and unjustified decision to restrict the vote to only Drupal...

Golems GABB: Dynamically Access PHP Object Properties with $this

19 Mar 2022

Dynamically Access PHP Object Properties with $this Editor Sat, 03/19/2022 - 19:30 "What does the $this variable mean in PHP?" "What does $this mean in PHP." and other similar questions increasingly appearing on the Internet. The Stackoverflow group is also...

Liip: See you at Drupal Mountain Camp 2022

17 Mar 2022

Join us 23 - 26 June 2022 at Drupal Mountain Camp if you are interested in learning about the system that drives 12% of the top 10k websites. Open Source on Top of the World After two editions in 2017 and 2019 and a covid-inspired break, the Drupal Switzerland community invites for another...

Peoples BLOG: Migrate your site from Drupal 7 To Drupal 9?

17 Mar 2022

In this article, we are going to see what are the important things you need to understand for the migration of your Drupal 7 site to the Drupal 9 site. And if you see from your Business perspective, Drupal 7 was launched nine years ago, and this is the perfect time for some reassessment of the...

Drupal Association blog: Changes to the Marketplace

16 Mar 2022

Over the past few months, the Drupal Association has been independently verifying companies that have qualified for the new Drupal Certified Partner program. The goal of this program is to recognise companies that not only support the Drupal Association’s operations and infrastructure financially,...

Security advisories: Drupal core - Moderately critical - Third-party libraries - SA-CORE-2022-005

16 Mar 2022

Project: Drupal coreDate: 2022-March-16Security risk: Moderately critical 13∕25 AC:Basic/A:User/CI:Some/II:Some/E:Theoretical/TD:DefaultVulnerability: Third-party librariesCVE IDs: CVE-2022-24728CVE-2022-24729Description: The Drupal project uses the CKEditor library...

Drupal Association blog: Women’s History Month Spotlight: Baddy Sonja Breidert

15 Mar 2022

Happy Women’s History Month! For our next blog post in “Our Women in Drupal” spotlight series, we’re highlighting Baddy Sonja Breidert. Baddy is the CEO and Co-Founder at 1xINTERNET. She founded the company with her husband in 2011, and in 2013 the third partner joined the company. 1xINTERNET is a...

Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #338 - Tailwind CSS

14 Mar 2022

Today we are talking about Tailwind CSS with Oliver Davies. Topics Tailwind CSS Excitement about Tailwind Why someone would not be excited Benefits Advantages over bootstrap Using it with Drupal Learning the language Starter Kit Tailwind themes Older browsers Build...