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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

#! code: Drupal 9: Removing Base64 Encoded Files From Content

19 Jun 2022

Occasionally, I have come across Drupal sites that have base64 encoded images embedded into content fields. This is the approach of taking the binary data contained in a file and converting it into a string of characters. The original binary data can then be re-created using this string and the...

Agaric Collective: Drupal 9.4 installation with existing configuration fails because "unable to uninstall the MySQL module"!?

17 Jun 2022

Here is how to deal with the surprising-to-impossible-seeming error "Unable to uninstall the MySQL module because: The module 'MySQL' is providing the database driver 'mysql'.." Like, why is it trying to uninstall anything when you are installing? Well, it is because you are installing with...

Lullabot: Lullabot Podcast: The New Olivero Theme – Awesome to the Core

17 Jun 2022

A group of Lullabots (and Former 'bot and podcast co-host Mike Herchel) get together to discuss the new Default theme in Drupal 9 and 10 that they helped build. The theme called "Olivero" is as beautiful as it is flexible and accessible. The team talks about the immense amount of work it took for...

Event Organizers: Camp Debrief: Stanford WebCamp 2022

17 Jun 2022

This is the first in a series of “Camp Debriefs” by the Drupal Event Organizer Working Group. In this debrief, Fei Lauren (feilauren) interviews Irina Zaks (irinaz) about Stanford WebCamp 2022. If you would like your Drupal event to be featured in a Camp Debrief, contact the EOWG. Irina first got...

Agaric Collective: Uniting Visions: Kicking off Thursday 3pm ET planning & building sessions for democratic conversation scaling platform, Visions Unite

16 Jun 2022

Hi friends and collaborators, join us today at 3pm ET (or any subsequent Thursday at 3) as we kick off a series of research, planning, discussion, and building sessions for Visions Unite. As our primary pro bono project, Agaric is working on Visions Unite, "where people seeking to make the world...

Droptica: What's New in Drupal 9.4? Review of the Latest Version

16 Jun 2022

The new, major Drupal update was released on 15 June 2022. There are some new elements and changes, such as the Manage permissions tab, dynamic determination of the minimum PHP version, changes in the API, change of the default frontend theme from Bartik to...

Drupal blog: Drupal 9.4.0 is available

15 Jun 2022

What’s new in Drupal 9.4.0? The fourth feature release of Drupal 9 brings a whole new frontend look with the Olivero theme by default and a refreshed backend interface with the Claro theme. There is also a new starterkit theme generator, better image loading performance and easier permission...

Nonprofit Drupal posts: June Drupal for Nonprofits Chat

15 Jun 2022

We are looking for an additional co-moderator for this group! Reach out to Jess or Johanna to learn more about what's involved. Our normally scheduled call to chat about all things Drupal and nonprofits will happen TOMORROW, Thursday, June 16 at 1pm ET / 10am PT. (Convert to your local time zone.)...

Web Wash: Add Preview Page to Forms using Webform in Drupal

15 Jun 2022

When you create a form using the Webform module, you may need a “preview” step. This is a page or step which allows the user who’s submitting the form to preview what’s being submitted. If they see a mistake, they can go back to the form and fix the error. Once the form has been filled out and...

The Drop Times: 10 Best E-commerce Modules For Drupal 9 [Most Installed]

14 Jun 2022

Drupal e-commerce modules are useful for managing various aspects of your site, that's why you should know which modules are worth getting. Here are the most installed e-commerce modules.