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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

Specbee: Drupal 9.1 and its compatibility with PHP 8 – Learn what’s new and how to check compatibility

19 Jan 2021

Drupal 9.1 and its compatibility with PHP 8 – Learn what’s new and how to check compatibility Pradosh 19 Jan, 2021 Top 10 best practices for designing a perfect UX for your mobile app “Update...

Dropsolid: JAMStack, Cloud IDE’s & Privacy - tech that will shape 2021

19 Jan 2021

19 Jan Nick Veenhof A new year also means some new predictions. When it comes to innovation in the web technology industry, innovation is, as always, moving faster than expected. In this blog I will share a...

Third & Grove: Ask a Core Maintainer Anything 2020

19 Jan 2021

We set up an internal ask me anything session with Nat, the Drupal core maintainer that works at TAG that we sponsor to contribute to Drupal core every day and let our engineering team ask him anything they wanted. We got into some very deep topics and had learned some things that quite surprised...

James Oakley: Using gulp.js to subtheme Bootstrap Barrio in a cPanel environment

18 Jan 2021

What I needed to do I develop and maintain several Drupal websites. I do some development on a server running cPanel (in a Linux account that is totally isolated from the account running any production sites), most notably theming work.Blog Category: Drupal Planet

DrupalEasy: 10 fieldable entity types every Drupal developer should know about

18 Jan 2021

If you're a Drupal developer who designs information architecture (IA) for your organization and/or clients, then hopefully by now you're thinking in terms of entities, bundles, and fields, not limiting your thinking to only content types. This article isn't going to dive into a lesson explaining...

OpenSense Labs: CMS and Static Site Generators

18 Jan 2021

CMS and Static Site Generators Gurpreet Kaur Mon, 01/18/2021 - 22:16 Websites have entered a new playing field now, at least compared to what they used to be a few decades ago. They are not one-dimensional anymore. They represent a multitude of different business agendas that are...

Promet Source: What is Human-Centered Web Design?

18 Jan 2021

Human-centered design is a concept that gained traction in the 1990s as an approach  to developing innovative solutions based on a laser-sharp focus on human needs and human perspectives during every phase of a design or problem-solving process. Building upon the principles of human-centered design...

Brian Osborne: Introducing the Decorative Image Widget Drupal module

16 Jan 2021

Drupal's Problem With Decorative Images Decorative images are those that should not be described to assistive technology like screen readers. A simple example is a fancy image of a decorative border that you insert at the end of a news article.

Drupal In the News: On Its 20th Birthday, Drupal Poised To Capture The Next Generation Of The Digital Experience Market

15 Jan 2021

20 years ago, the Drupal project started in a dorm room—today it is a billion dollar industry. PORTLAND, Ore., U.S.A and LOCAL AREA HERE, January 15, 2021—Drupal, the world’s leading open source digital experience platform (DXP), celebrates 20 years of community-driven innovation. Since its...

Dries Buytaert: Drupal celebrates 20 years!

15 Jan 2021

On January 15, 2001, exactly 20 years ago, I released Drupal 1.0.0 into the world. I was a 22 years old, and just finished college. At the time, I had no idea that Drupal would someday power 1 in 35 websites, and impact so many people globally. As with anything, there are things Drupal did right...