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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #335 - LocalGov

21 Feb 2022

Today we are talking about LocalGov Drupal. Topics LocalGov description What a council is and how LocalGov helps Who it’s for Publicly owned asset How distributions reduce cost Layout Builder vs Paragraphs Headless / Decoupled Central design system Drupal version...

Peoples BLOG: Improve Drupal Search with Solr, Locally configured via Lando

21 Feb 2022

In this article, we are going to learn how Drupal search can be improved with Solr which provides great performance, and is suitable even for use on large commercial websites. And along with this using the search_api & search_api_solr modules, helps to configure the Facets & Multilingual...

#! code: Drupal 9: Creating A Session Inspector Module

20 Feb 2022

I recently had this idea for a new Drupal module that allows users to manage their sessions. The idea is that a user could look at their current sessions to see if any suspicious activity had happened on their Drupal account. They could then delete any sessions they don't like the look of in order...

ImageX: Speed Up Your Drupal 9 Website with WebP Images

18 Feb 2022

We all know that “Faster” is the first word of the Olympic motto. Just like at the Olympics, the fastest websites win the best prizes for their businesses. These prizes are better conversions, more satisfied customers, higher positions on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and much more.  And... Blog: How to attract & retain top tech talent in 2022

18 Feb 2022

In this article, we walk you through some essential tips and tricks for attracting and retaining top talent in the tech space. READ MORE

Drupal Association blog: Why you should attend your first DrupalCon

17 Feb 2022

If you’ve never been to a Drupal event before, you might not realize what all the fuss is about. But attending an event that gathers the community together to talk about Drupal for a few days is a priceless experience. And the thing is, it’s going to be better if you’re there!  My favorite part of...

Drupal Association blog: "Community Elections Task Force" request for volunteers

17 Feb 2022

The Drupal Association board passed a motion in December for a task force to be formed to revisit the election process for the at-large directors with the goal of producing a recommendation for the board to review. At this point in time we're seeking volunteers to self nominate as part of this task...

Nonprofit Drupal posts: February Drupal for Nonprofits Chat

17 Feb 2022

Our normally scheduled call to chat about all things Drupal and nonprofits will happen TODAY, Thursday, February 17 at 1pm ET / 10am PT. (Convert to your local time zone.) We don't have anything on the agenda at the moment, so we're looking to enjoy an informal chat about anything at the...

Drupal Core News: Decoupled and integration survey: help shape Drupal's JSON:API’s future

17 Feb 2022

2 years ago Drupal JSON:API support was released in Core, this was a huge milestone. The focus on JSON:API is what is enabling Drupal to become a project beyond PHP, and is enabling more JavaScript components, Decoupled Drupal applications and easier integrations with 3rd parties and tools and... What is a site schema, why am I using it and why should you too?

17 Feb 2022

My last post about letting a robot update your website was based on some of the questions I got presenting the talk "Less human interaction, more security?" last year at Drupalcon North America. The talk is showing how we can discover and deploy updates to our Drupal websites automatically, using...