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News is provide by the latest from the Drupal Community and the latest developments happening around the world.

DrupalCon News: Message from the Program Team

4 Mar 2022

DrupalCon Prague 2022 Call for Volunteers for Program Team is open.

Finalist Blog: Use case for multibyte safe programming

4 Mar 2022

In PHP, a technique to get a single character from a string is to treat the string as an array, or to use a function like sub⁠­str(). $string = 'This is a string'; $string[0]; // first character: T $string[1]; // second: h $string[-1]; // last: g This also works in Javascript. A big... PHP 7 to 8: Entering the Modern Era of Programming Languages

3 Mar 2022

Whether it’s using new syntax, experiencing the speed boosts of the JIT compiler, or trying out new features of the language, PHP 8 has many improvements that developers and Drupal sites can benefit from.

MidCamp - Midwest Drupal Camp: Ukraine Support

3 Mar 2022

Ukraine Support Drupal friends, I have watched in awe the past week as Ukraine has been brutally bombarded by the Russian military. This war has already cost countless lives and the tragedy unfolding will take...

Drupal Association blog: DrupalCon Portland 2022 Program Pathways: Drupal Migrations

2 Mar 2022

As you’ve probably heard in recent days, the end of life for Drupal 7 is extended to November 2023. This news is great for Drupal 7 site owners who need some extra time to move to the latest version of Drupal! While you might have heard about the challenges of migrating from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9,...

Promet Source: Did You Know? 4 Fun Facts about Drupal

2 Mar 2022

I’ve done a lot of Drupal training over the years. I believe Drupal is an awesome CMS and I love the opportunity to help those who are new to Drupal to get solid, career-boosting skills. Invariably, there are AHA moments among class participants who learn something about Drupal that they had never...

Lullabot: Improving Team Efficiency with Architecture Decision Records

2 Mar 2022

"Agile methods are not opposed to documentation, only to valueless documentation." - Thoughts: It’s Alive! Drupal 7 gets another year

2 Mar 2022

The Drupal 7 news was a relief for editors, website administrators, IT Managers and all involved in website maintenance last week when the Drupal project announced they are extending the end of life for Drupal 7 platform for a further year.

Web Wash: Open Webforms using Dialog Box in Drupal

2 Mar 2022

Webform comes with an option of displaying a form in a pop-up Dialog box, but is not enabled by default. With this option, a webform can pop-up on the screen when clicking on a link. Users can stay on the same page while filling in the form. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to enable and...