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Case Study

SEQ Legal

A fresh new mobile responsive design  

SEQ Legal on iPhone, Desktop and Laptop

A New Look 

SEQ Legal are a Legal firm with a particular focus on technology and media business. They have a popular high traffic website offering free legal documents, live Q & A, quotations and a popular blog. 

A complete new visual identity was required to bring the website up to date, including logos and branding. The new website design needed to improve readability and accessibility by supporting views on mobile, tablet and desktop whilst maintaining the functionality of the site.

Up to date Design

Whilst the content remained the same, the look of the website had to be updated with a modern design and still provide easy access to the wealth of legal information on the site. The website has a high level of traffic and intuitive UX was key to enabling this access. The new website makes use of bold new logos, clear collapsible navigation, striking banner sections, and big clear links to content. The blog sections follow standard formats with nested comments. All of this helps to make the website a lot less ‘wordy’ and makes it a much more satisfying view for the visitor.

Mobile First Responsive Design 

The old site was designed in 2011 before the mainstream use of mobile devices for browsing, so it was important to make the new site function effectively on a smaller mobile screen. Bold logos and visuals combined with a clean block structure, make it simple to navigate the site and access the various documents. Clear headings and the use of linked images maintain ease of navigation whilst viewing on a small screen size. The main menu forms a collapsible right sidebar menu, common on mobile devices.

Full screen width block backgrounds are used and the left navigation sidebar removed. The new site design scales up to desktop, with minimal changes in format, maintaining the ease of use for the customer.


  • SEQ Legal old website
  • SEQ Legal new website

Responsive Retheming

Existing features all had to be re-themed and their functionality tested in the new design. These included a full site search, legal templates, blog, comments, testimonials, contact forms and Legal Q & A.

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