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Case Study

McDonald Centre

Theology Public Life and Enthics

McDonald Center Oxford resposive design

The McDonald Centre is part of Christchurch college Oxford UK. The McDonald Centre stimulates debate on matters that shape public office from discussion between scholars from around the world that include consideration of Christian theology and other disciplines.

The McDonald Centre required a website that enabled them publish their latest discussion topics, promote their events and provide a useful archive for all their work.

We provided a new website design and new branding for the McDonald Centre that had to provide strong bold messages so we had to find a design solution that was equally as bold and communicated the current discussions clearly. The content managed web site enables users to easily add new discussion topics and reference articles published on other websites these automatically form an archive as new discussion topics are added.

Many discussion topics also include video's or radio interviews therefore we also included a media library so that these can be found separately from the discussion topics as well as being emended with each topic.

The McDonald Centre occasionally runs events that want to be clearly advertised on the website. Therefore we have an area of the home page that comes to life when there is an event featured, but also, when there is no featured event, the home page still holds its strong design.

  • Mcdonald Center Home page Screenshot
  • Mcdonald Centre Home page footer
  • Mcdonald Centre People listing
  • Mcdonald News listing

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