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Case Study

British Cryogenics Council

A complete rebuild with new mobile responsive designs

Bcyro website design

A Complete Website Overhaul & Brand Development

The British Cryogenics Council, which comprises universities, research organisations and industry, required a new website with the principle aims of providing news and resources to its members, facilitating the publication of relevant material, promoting events and providing a searchable public resource for the cryogenics industry.

The existing website had not been updated since 2012 and so a new design was required to enhance the profile of the BCC in industry. The new design needed to improve readability and accessibility by supporting views on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Meeting the needs of the British Cryogenics Council's Constitution

The constitution of the British Cryogenics Council outlines the following goals:

To provide a forum for the dissemination of information and for promoting knowledge and interest in Cryogenics by establishing and maintaining: 

• (i) A regular newsletter for the Cryogenics community. 

• (ii) A website for dissemination of information and exchange of ideas. 

Facilitate the publication of material which will be educational or otherwise benefit those working in the field of Cryogenics.

Arrange meetings and workshops to facilitate collaboration, networking and the dissemination of information pertaining to Cryogenics. 

Promote international collaboration in Cryogenics by maintaining a link with similar bodies in other countries and by promoting, supporting or organising international conferences at which issues connected with Cryogenics will be discussed. 

The new website has been essential in meeting these requirements with the establishment of the Bcryo Bulletin newsletter, the news article publications, Knowledge Base and the event organisation, all whilst raising the profile of the British Cryogenics Council and increasing its online presence.

Radically Improving the User Experience 

The home page was made cleaner with clear messaging and sign posting to prominent areas of the website. The user experience was improved by making information clearer and easier to find, and more content could be included when required. The website now provides a value resource to its members in the cryogenics society.

Overhauling the Members Directory resource

The BCC is a members’ based organisation and the directory is one of the main benefits to membership. It is a vital resource for anyone wanting to find cryogenic companies and helps generate new business for its members. The current members’ directory was improved to provide more accurate search results, generate more enquiries for members and more traffic from search engines. Additional features included a members carousel on the homepage, a primary link from home page to the directory, a multi-category members filter and a descriptive landing page for each category for search engine optimisation.

British Cryogenics Council repsposive web designs

Easier Administration

Members profiles were created and members are able at any time to log into the website to update their profile via a secure login. This ensured that their profile can be maintained and updated accordingly without this being a time-consuming process by the website administrators. This reduced time spent doing data entry, while members’ profiles remained up to date and provided a reason for members to visit the website regularly, which increases traffic to the website. Automated renewal emails are generated to prompt members before their membership runs out. This also increases traffic leading to improved SEO.

New members are able to self register and pay online with Paypal, (subject to approval), reducing admin time.

News article publication & Events promotions

New Articles from the Bcryo Bulletin are published as a news articles on the website. The website becomes a valuable tool for researchers and professionals to view all the industry news published. The site search returns matching keywords from the news or events. Members names featured in articles are returned as links to their profiles. The published articles are returnable by search engine (eg. Google), improving the reach of the BCC to non members, increasing web traffic and providing an incentive for contributions by corporate members to the Bcryo Bulletin.

Upcoming events’ visibility are increased by banners on the home page or at the top of the News and Events page, with clear instructions on how to register for the event.

Additional Features - Newsletter and social media

Newsletter signup now included on the home page as a clear call to action, engaging potential members to join up. Also raises the profile of the contributing members. 

A jobs area was created on the site to help members recruit staff for the cryogenics industry but also to improve website traffic, and provide an incentive for corporate members to join.

A linked-In social media channel has been used to highlight the Bcryo Bulletin and job vacancies on the website. This has been successful in bringing together potential members and increasing exposure of members to a wider audience, and possible new members.

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