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Wine website design solutions

Grapes is an industry leading e-commerce platform designed for the drinks industry. It includes a suite of powerful tools for selling wine and drinks online for both retail and trade environments.

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Grapes is a cost effective e-commerce platform tool for selling Wine, Beer, and drinks online for fine wine outlets, wholesalers and retailers. Grapes is specifically designed to manage the intricacies of selling drinks online from managing members bonded wines, through to selling tickets for tasting events.


Although Grapes is a standard platform for the drinks trade we provide a fully bespoke design service.  We understand how important design is in representing your brand and company culture.

Vintner Integration

Grapes includes direct integration with customers who have adopted Vintner Systems accounting system specific for the drinks trade.

  • Full product catalogue and product attributes
  • Continuous integrated product updates
  • Stock control
  • Pricing including all price bands
  • Members can access wines in storage
  • Fully compatible order processing

For merchandising

All the tools you will need to drive traffic to your website and easily enrich the content and manage campaigns

  • Discount engine to help drive your campaigns
  • Configured for trade or retail customers under on system
  • Very easy to update and maintain media rich merchandising content
  • Sell by the bottle, or case
  • Sell other products such as tickets for tasting events to cork screws
  • Pay On Account Credit Limits

For personalisation

Make your customers feel special and give them reason to return time after time.

  • Special prices integration from Vintner
  • Personal tasting notes
  • Custom ratings
  • Customer specific messages from your sales manager

For digital marketing

Don't let your website stand alone - use the web to integrate your catalogue with many other affiliate systems to maximize your reach and online sales.

For payments

We have partnered with a number of the major payment gateways to provide you the best pricing.





Bespoke Development

If you have specific ideas to be a cut above the rest we will build modules bespoke to you and for you to have exclusivity over them.

About Grapes

‘Grapes’ is the name for the Vintner integrated website solution, we have developed on Drupal and Drupal Commerce open source platforms. Grapes is setup to meet the specific needs of those in the drinks trade.  

Grapes enables us to offer an evolving platform at a fraction of the cost that it would take develop from scratch, with the sophistication of Vintner back office integration. We also see this as a long term benefit for you. Therefore as the platform evolves we can offer you the latest updates cost effectively.

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