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Oxford Web Design

Open Imagination offers a full-cycle web site design and development services

Open Imagination is a privately owned Limited company that started in early 2013. Open Imagination offers a full-cycle web site design and development service from Oxford, UK.  We have combined our design background and ecommerce experience with community contributed technologies to underpin our bespoke development services that drive our ecommerce and content managed websites.

This approach enables us to offer beautiful websites on a technology platform that continues to evolve as a faster rate that any one web development house could keep up with and at low cost, without lock-in.  For this reason we don't believe that this is the responsible choice for most medium to large businesses.

As the ecommerce space is highly competitive it is essential to not only benefit from our innovative digital marketing strategies the abundant range of contributed features and integrated technologies that are freely available with our platform.

Open Imagination has grown by profit funded organic growth from its humble starting position. It has recorded an operating profit every financial year since it began operating. It has no debt and has never taken external investment.

Open Imagination Ltd is an independent, privately owned limited company registered to 26 Harley Road, Oxford, OX2 0HR, United Kingdom with registered number 8482039.