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Oxfam SRAF Guidelines

Helping aid organisations respond to a food crisis effectively

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The Oxfam SRAF Guidelines is a project that was lead by Oxfam in collaboration with Save the Children and Concern Worldwide.

The SRAF Guidelines provide a means for aid agencies, development project organisers, government agencies and charities to access the results of the work undertaken by the ERC team.

The website provides a single location where the SRAF resources and tools can be presented in a meaningful and unified way for humanitarian organisations to learn, reference, implement and provide feedback.

The website had to:

  • Be content managed using a recognised open source platform
  • Easily allow for online registration for the upcoming event
  • Require minimal ongoing maintenance and support
  • Be used as a tool to support and promote the activities of the ERC to humanitarian agencies

The Oxfam SRAF website was designed to be able to publish all the research materials, case studies and findings that provided a core part of the SRAF Guidelines during the project and after the project had been completed.

The key features of the website included:

  • Document library where resources can be easily found and uploaded
  • Interactive tools to understanding the SRAF guidelines
  • News and Events area
  • Means to access the full report
  • Oxfam SRAF
  • Oxfam SRAF Footer
  • Oxford SRAF The Project
  • Oxford SRAF News and Events

Open Imagination has been a reliable, effective and flexible partner in helping us set up our website. We are very satisfied with the end result and would not hesitate to recommend Open Imagination to other organisations in the charity and non-profit sector.

Chiara Trincia: FSL ERC Communications and Programme Officer

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